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Effect of growth hormone overexpression on gastric evacuation rate in coho salmon

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Effect of growth hormone overexpression on gastric evacuation rate in coho salmon
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냉수성 어종인 은연어의 소화에 미치는 과다분비된 성장호로몬 효과
Kim, Jin-Hyoung
Robert H. Devlin
Samantha L. White
Michelle T. Crown
Satid Chatchaiphan
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Physiology
appetite; coho salmon; feed intake; gastric evacuation rates; growth hormone; stomach; transgenic; Fisheries
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Kim, Jin-Hyoung, et al. 2018. "Effect of growth hormone overexpression on gastric evacuation rate in coho salmon". FISH PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, 44(1): 119-135.
Growth hormone (GH) transgenic (T) coho salmon consistently show remarkably enhanced growth associated with increased appetite and food consumption compared to non-transgenic wild-type (NT) coho salmon. To improve understanding of the mechanism by which GH overexpression mediates food intake and digestion in T fish, feed intake and gastric evacuation rate (over 7 days) were measured in size-matched T and NT coho salmon. T fish displayed greatly enhanced feed intake levels (~ 2.5-fold), and more than three-fold increase in gastric evacuation rates relative to NT coho salmon. Despite the differences in feed intake, no differences were noted in the time taken from first ingestion of food to stomach evacuation between genotypes. These results indicate that enhanced feed intake is coupled with an overall increased processing rate to enhance energy intake by T fish. To further investigate the molecular basis of these responses, we examined the mRNA levels of several genes in appetite- and gastric-regulation pathways (Agrp1, Bbs, Cart, Cck, Glp, Ghrelin, Grp, Leptin, Mc4r, Npy, and, Pomc) by qPCR analyses in the brain (hypothalamus, preoptic area) and pituitary, and in peripheral tissues associated with digestion (liver, stomach, intestine, and adipose tissue). Significant increases in mRNA levels were found for Agrp1 in the preoptic area (POA) of the brain, and Grp and Pomc in pituitary for T coho salmon relative to NT. Mch and Npy showed significantly lower mRNA levels than NT fish in all brain tissues examined across all time-points after feeding. Mc4r and Cart for T showed significantly lower mRNA levels than NT in the POA and hypothalamus, respectively. In the case of peripheral tissues, T fish had lower mRNA levels of Glp and Leptin than NT fish in intestine and adipose tissue, respectively. Grp, Cck, Bbs, Glp, and Leptin in stomach, adipose tissue and/or intestine showed significantly differences across the time-points after feeding but Ghrelin showed no significant difference between T and NT fish in all tested tissues.
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