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2D time­domain acoustic­elastic coupled modeling: a cell­based finite­difference method

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2D time­domain acoustic­elastic coupled modeling: a cell­based finite­difference method
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유한차분법을 이용한 음향파-탄성파의 2차원 결합 모델링
Seung-Chul Lim
Park, Minkyu
Ho-Yong Lee
Byung-Doo Kwon
Dong-Joo Min
acoustic-elastic coupled model; cell-based; finite-difference method; fluid-solid interface; time domain
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The Association of Korean Geocience and Springer 2009
Seung-Chul Lim, et al. 2009. "2D time­domain acoustic­elastic coupled modeling: a cell­based finite­difference method". GEOSCIENCES JOURNAL, 13(4): 407-414.
To describe wave propagation in a fluid-solid environment which is usually encountered during marine seismic exploration, we design a time-domain acoustic-elastic coupled modeling algorithm based on the cell-based finite-difference method. The cell-based method has proven to delineate stress-free conditions correctly at the free surface with just changes in the material properties, which indicates that it can also properly deal with subsurface interface boundaries. In the acoustic-elastic coupled modeling, we first compose finite differences individually for the acoustic and elastic media;we then combine the differences using fluid-solid interface boundary conditions. Numerical experiments show that the cell-based coupled modeling algorithm gives solutions compatible with analytic solutions and that it properly describes S- and converted waves as well as P-waves. Applying the cell-based coupled modeling algorithm to a slope model, we confirm that our coupled modeling algorithm describes irregular interfaces properly, although it employs a staircase approximation of them.
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