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Cambrian Reefs in the Western North China Platform, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia

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Cambrian Reefs in the Western North China Platform, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia
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북중국대지 서부 (내몽고 우하이 지역)의 캠브리아기 생물초
Lee, Jeong-Hyun
Woo, Jusun
Lee, Dong-Jin
Choh, Suk-Joo
Park, Tae-Yoon S.
Cambrian; Reef; microbialite; siliceous sponge; western North China Platform
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Lee, Jeong-Hyun, et al. 2016. "Cambrian Reefs in the Western North China Platform, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia". ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA-ENGLISH EDITION, 90(6): 1946-1954.
Cambrian thrombolites and maze-like maceriate reefs are reported from the western North China Platform, Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, China. Both types of reef occur in the middle of a succession dominated by thin-bedded lime mudstone-shale/marlstone alternations, and are laterally surrounded by limestone conglomerate and/or grainstone. Thrombolite, characterized by meter-scale lenticular mounds composed of millimeter- to centimeter-scale mesoclots and wackestone matrix, occurs in the lower middle part of the sequence. Thrombolite mesoclots are composed of microstromatolites with alternating dark gray and light gray micritic laminae. The maze-like maceriate reefs occur in the middle to the upper part of the sequence, commonly forming lenticular mounds up to 1 m thick. They are characterized by centimeter- to decimeter-scale branched maze-like structures, whose biogenic portions (maceria) are selectively dolomitized. The maceriae are composed of poorly preserved microstromatolites and siliceous sponges. Inter-macerial sediments consist of lime mud and scattered bioclasts. These Wuhai reefs are generally similar to various Cambrian reefs previously reported from Shandong region, China.
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