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Decrease in the CO2 uptake capacity in an ice-free Arctic Ocean Basin

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Decrease in the CO2 uptake capacity in an ice-free Arctic Ocean Basin
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해빙이 없는 북극해에서의 이산화탄소 흡수율 감소
Jacqueline M. Grebmeier
Wei-Jun Cai
Xinping Hu
Lee, Sang Heon
Akihiko Murata
Kevin Sullivan
Liqi Chen
Suqing Xu
Yuanhui Zhang
Wei-Jen Huang
Yongchen Wang
Denis Pierrot
Jianfang Chen
Zhongyong Gao
Baoshan Chen
Haisheng Zhang
E. Peter Jones
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C/N ratio; Canada Basin; Nitrogen uptake rate; Phytoplankton; Primary productivity
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Science magazine
Jacqueline M. Grebmeier, et al. 2010. "Decrease in the CO2 uptake capacity in an ice-free Arctic Ocean Basin". Science, 329(5991): 556-559.
It has been predicted that the Arctic Ocean will sequester much greater amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere as a result of sea ice melt and increasing primary productivity. However, this prediction was made on the basis of observations from either highly productive ocean margins or ice-covered basins before the recent major ice retreat. We report here a high-resolution survey of sea-surface CO2 concentration across the Canada Basin, showing a great increase relative to earlier observations. Rapid CO2 invasion from the atmosphere and low biological CO2 drawdown are the main causes for the higher CO2, which also acts as a barrier to further CO2 invasion. Contrary to the current view, we predict that the Arctic Ocean basin will not become a large atmospheric CO2 sink under ice-free conditions.
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