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Circulation and Modification of Warm Deep Water on the Central Amundsen Shelf

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Circulation and Modification of Warm Deep Water on the Central Amundsen Shelf
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아문젠 해에서 저층 고온수의 순환과 변화
Ha, Ho Kyung
Hong, Chang-Su
Lee, H. J.
Lee, Jae-Hak
Lee, Sang H.
Kim, Tae-Wan
Anna Wahlin
Amundsen Sea; Circumpolar Deep Water; Dotson trough
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Ha, Ho Kyung, et al. 2014. "Circulation and Modification of Warm Deep Water on the Central Amundsen Shelf". JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY, 44(5): 1493-1501.
The circulation pathways and subsurface cooling and freshening of warm deep water on the central Amundsen Sea shelf are deduced from hydrographic transects and four subsurface moorings. The Amundsen Sea continental shelf is intersected by the Dotson trough (DT), leading from the outer shelf to the deep basins on the inner shelf. During the measurement period, warm deep water was observed to flow southward on the eastern side of DT in approximate geostrophic balance. A northward outflow from the shelf was also observed along the bottom in the western side of DT. Estimates of the flow rate suggest that up to one-third of the inflowing warm deep water leaves the shelf area below the thermocline in this deep outflow. The deep current was 1.28C colder and 0.3 psu fresher than the inflow, but still warm, salty, and dense compared to the overlying water mass. The temperature and salinity properties suggest that the cooling and freshening process is induced by subsurface melting of glacial ice, possibly from basal melting of Dotson and Getz ice shelves. New heat budgets are pre- sented, with a southward oceanic heat transport of 3.3 TW on the eastern side of the DT, a northward oceanic heat transport of 0.5?1.6 TW on the western side, and an ocean-to-glacier heat flux of 0.9?2.53 TW, equivalent to melting glacial ice at the rate of 83?237 km3 yr21. Recent satellite-based estimates of basal melt rates for the glaciers suggest comparable values for the Getz and Dotson ice shelves.
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