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VHF meteor radar at King Sejong Station, Antarctica

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VHF meteor radar at King Sejong Station, Antarctica
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남극 세종과학기지에서 운영하는 VHF 유성레이다
Kim, Yong Ha
Kim, Jeong-Han
Jee, Geonhwa
Lee, Changsup
Antarctica; Gravity wave; Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere; Meteor radar
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Kim, Yong Ha, et al. 2013. "VHF meteor radar at King Sejong Station, Antarctica". Advances in Polar Science, 24: 241-247.
Since 2002, we have been observing the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) region over King Sejong Station (KSS;62.22°S, 58.78°W), Antarctica, using various instruments such as the Spectral Airglow Temperature Imager (SATI), All Sky Camera (ASC) and VHF meteor radar. The meteor radar, installed in March 2007, continuously measures neutral winds in the altitude region 70?110 km and neutral temperature near the mesopause 24 h?d-1, regardless of weather conditions. In this study, we present results of an analysis of the neutral wind data for gravity wave activity over the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, where such activity is known to be very high. Also presented is temperature estimation from measurement of the decay times of meteor trails, which is compared with other temperature measurements from SATI and the Sounding of the Atmosphere using Broadband Emission Radiometry (SABER) instrument onboard the Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energy and Dynamics (TIMED) satellite.
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