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Marine bacteria associated with the Korean brown alga, Undaria pinnatifida

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Marine bacteria associated with the Korean brown alga, Undaria pinnatifida
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미역 공생 세균 분석
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Jung, Hyun Jung
Lee, Hong Kum
Genetics & Heredity
Bacillus; Psychrobacter; Psychromonas; Undaria pinnatifida; psychrotrophic bacteria
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Lee, Yoo Kyung, Jung, Hyun Jung, Lee, Hong Kum. 2006. "Marine bacteria associated with the Korean brown alga, Undaria pinnatifida". JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY, 44(6): 694-698.
Several marine bacterial strains were isolated from Undaria pinnatifida (Miyok in Korean). Sixty-six strains were isolated on R2A agar media at 10 degrees C and identified by a phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequences. They were grouped into 10 different sequence types based on the initial sequence analysis of the 5' domain of the gene (approximately 500 bp). Full sequences of 16S rRNA gene were obtained from one strain in each sequence type and the species-affiliation was determined using phylogenetic and sequence similarity analyses. The results of the analyses indicated that they were closely related to Psychrobacter aquimaris, P. celer, P. nivimaris, P. pulmonis, Psychromonas arctica or Bacillus psychrodurans. These bacteria are marine or psychrotrophic bacteria. Because the sporophytes of U. pinnatifida are cultured on the costal area during winter, the U. pinnatifida-associated bacteria appeared to grow at low temperatures. U. pinnatifida sporophytes can be a good source for the isolation of psychrotrophic bacteria.
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