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Climatic Characteristics Related with Sedimentary Process in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica

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Climatic Characteristics Related with Sedimentary Process in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica
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남극 브랜스필드 해협에서의 퇴적과정과 관련된 기후특성
Lee, Bang Yong
Lee, Jeong Soon
Yoon, Ho Il
Environmental Sciences & Ecology
climate characteristics; sedimentary process; Bransfield Strait; sea ice concentration
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Lee, Bang Yong, et al. 2005. "Climatic Characteristics Related with Sedimentary Process in Bransfield Strait, Antarctica". Korean Geophysical Society, 8(4): 173-185.
This study examines the relationships among sea ice concentration, surface air temperature, surfacewind, and SST (Sea Surface Temperature) in Bransfield Strait to understand the climatic characteristicsand its related sedimentary process there. In analyses of the monthly data, during the austral autumn(Mar., Apr., and May), the frequency of southeasterlies is correlated positively with the sea ice concentrationand negatively with the surface air temperature, whereas that of northwesterlies is reverse. Theserelationships are explained by the process that the southeasterlies of the cold air from the AntarcticContinent affect the ocean current around Bransfield Strait. And then the ocean current makes thesea ice generated in the Weddell Sea drift into the strait. During the spring (Sep., Oct., and Nov.),sea ice concentration and surface air temperature are closely correlated with the frequency ofnorthwesterlies with warm air mass. In the some parts of the northern boundary region, the sea iceconcentration in Bransfield Strait is positively correlated with the SST during the autumn and spring.Such relationship may rather propel the sea ice melting in proportion to the sea ice concentrationduring the autumn.
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