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Seismic Structures of the Continental Margin around Smith Island, antarctic Peninsula

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Seismic Structures of the Continental Margin around Smith Island, antarctic Peninsula
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남극반도 스미스섬 부근 대륙주변부의 탄성파 구조
Jin, Young Keun
Lee, Jong Ik
Hong, Jong Kuk
Lee, Ju-Han
Nam, SangHeon
Environmental Sciences & Ecology
Hero Fracture Zone; Antarctic Peninsula; geologic and tectonic structure; seismic
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Jin, Young Keun, et al. 2006. "Seismic Structures of the Continental Margin around Smith Island, antarctic Peninsula". Korean Geophysical Society, 9(4): 443-453.
Using seismic profiles obtained in the Antarctic Peninsula continental margin around Smith Island located at the southwestern end of the South Shetland Islands, we investigated sediments distribution, sedimentation, continental shelf formation, and tectonic evolution history. The study area is a very unique area that has two tectonic provinces with a tectonic boundary near Smith Island just the landward projection of the Hero Fracture Zone (HFZ). To the southwest of the Island, the margin became inactive margin after the collision of the ridge crest of the Antarctic-Phoenix ridge and trench, whereas to the northeast the margin is still apparently active margin with the spreading center and trench morphology in the sea. Generally the northeastern margin has the shelf sedimentary basins wth thick sedimentary layers, well-developed forearc basin, broad continental slope and distinct trench morphology, and the southwestern margin is characterized by steep and narrow continental slope and localized shelf basins. the mid-shelf basement high structures are distinct in the southwestern margin, which are thought to be formed by thermal effect caused by the subducted spreading centers. The high is observed in the area just northeast of the Island, implying that the tectonic boundary along the landward projection of the HFZ is not sharply defined.
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