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Thermal dynamics of active layer at the Dasan station, Svalbard

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Thermal dynamics of active layer at the Dasan station, Svalbard
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북극 다산과학기지 활동층의 열전달 메카니즘
Han, Uk
Nam, SangHeon
Lee, Bang Yong
Kim, Yeadong
Lee, Choon-Ki
geothermal datalogger; active layer; heat flow; thermal diffusivity; permafrost
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Han, Uk, et al. 2005. "Thermal dynamics of active layer at the Dasan station, Svalbard". The Geological Society Of Korea, 41(1): 91-100.
Borehole temperature measurements at the Dasan station were made by Baroo-Diver geothermal datalogger. During September 28, 2002 - August 12, 2003 three temperature data (at the depth of 0.25 m, 0.5 m, and 0.75 m) were obtained by Environ Mon every thirty minutes. The thermal dynamics of active layer at the Dasan Korea Arctic Research Station, Svalbard (78o55.5'N, 11o56.0'E) is represented in the soil temperature which can be measured with high accuracy and high temporal resolution. Using the continuous data over a period of 318 days at the Dasan site, Svalbard, we deduce and quantify the processes which constitute the thermal dynamics. Conductive heat flow, migration of water vapor, and heat generation from phase transition are analyzed. Average thermal diffusivity indicates the range of thermal diffusivity 4×10-7~6×10-7 m2s-1. The Dasan experiment is a good test of the geothermal method of climate reconstruction because the permafrost is a valuable recorder of climate change.
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