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Geomorphology of Terrace at Jeongdongjin, Gangneung City: A New View

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Geomorphology of Terrace at Jeongdongjin, Gangneung City: A New View
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강릉시 정동진 지역 단구지형 재고
Lee, Yong Il
Yi, Seonbok
Lim, Hyoun Soo
Physical Geography
Jeongdongjin; coastal terrace; coastal plain; paleosol; tephra; AT; OSL
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Lee, Yong Il, Yi, Seonbok, Lim, Hyoun Soo. 2009. "Geomorphology of Terrace at Jeongdongjin, Gangneung City: A New View". The Geomorphological Association Of Korea, 16: 29-42.
The well-known coastal terrace developed at Jeongdongjin area, Gangneung, appears to be a remnant coastal plain uplifted during the late Pleistocene. Despite claims of the existence of beach deposits, borings of the so-called ?oring shells?as well as erosion of basement by waves are not found in this area. Sediments overlying the basement are exposed along the roadcut and coast, which are composed of sandy to gravelly deposits of fluvial origin. They are overlain by paleosol layers which appear to have been deposited originally in the interfluve environments on the coastal plain. OSL dating of sandy to gravelly deposit and existence of AT tephra grains in the topmost horizon of paleosol bed suggest that fluvial sedimentation could have occurred between ca. 110 and 20 ky.
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