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New Benzoxazine Secondary Metabolites from an Arctic Actinomycete

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New Benzoxazine Secondary Metabolites from an Arctic Actinomycete
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북극 방선균에서 새로운 Benzoxaine의 2차 대사산물
Moon, Kyuho
Oh, Dong-Chan
Nam, Seung-il
Shin, Jongheon
Oh, Ki-Bong
Lee, Sang Kook
Ko, Keebeom
Won, Tae Hyung
Shin, Yoonho
Ahn, Chan-Hong
Arctic; Marine actinomycete; Secondary metabolite
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Moon, Kyuho, et al. 2014. "New Benzoxazine Secondary Metabolites from an Arctic Actinomycete". MARINE DRUGS, 12(5): 2526-2538.
Two new secondary metabolites, arcticoside (1) and C-1027 chromophore-V (2), were isolated along with C-1027 chromophore-III and fijiolides A and B (3?5) from a culture of an Arctic marine actinomycete Streptomyces strain. The chemical structures of 1?2 were elucidated through NMR, mass, UV, and IR spectroscopy. The hexose moieties in 1 were determined to be D-glucose from a combination of acid hydrolysis, derivatization, and gas chromatographic analyses. Arcticoside (1) and C-1027 chromophore-V (2), which have a benzoxazine ring, inhibited Candida albicans isocitrate lyase. Chromophore-V (2) exhibited significant cytotoxicity against breast carcinoma MDA-MB231 cells and colorectal carcinoma cells (line HCT-116), with IC50 values of 0.9 and 2.7 μM, respectively.
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