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Estimation of POC Export Fluxes Using 234Th/238U Disequilibria in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica

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dc.contributor.authorKim, Meesun-
dc.contributor.authorHahm, Doshick-
dc.contributor.authorRhee, Tae Siek-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Sang H.-
dc.contributor.authorLee, Sang Heon-
dc.contributor.authorChoi, Man Sik-
dc.coverage.spatialAmundsen Sea-
dc.description.abstractIn order to understand the carbon cycle in the Amundsen Sea o f the Southem Ocean, the export t1uxes o f par- ticulate organic carbon from the euphotic zone to deep water estimated using 234ThP38U disequilibrium method. Seawaters in 14 water columns were collected during February and March 2012, and analyzed for total and dis- solved and organic carbon. Total 234Th activities in the water column showed deficiency and excess relative to those of 238U depending on the water depth. Deficiency of total in the euphotic zone showed mirror images both with chlorophyll-a and f1uorescence, and was consistent with the loss of nitrate, which indicated the effect ofbiological activity. In addition,deficiency oftotal 234Th from deep water was asso- ciated with the increase oftotal dissolvable Fe/Mn concentration. Excess total 234Th activity below the euphotic zone might be related to 234Th concentrated in this water depth. Mean export f1ux of 234Th estimated using the steady state model was 867 246 dpm m.2day". Mean export f1ux of particulate organic carbon, which were estimated by the product of total 234Th t1ux and ratio of POCf34Th (7.08 4.27 umol C dpm-1)in the sinking particles, was 5.9 3.9 mmol C m-2day-'. These fluxes were similar levels to those in the Weddell Sea during February and March 2008. Export ratios (ThE) relative to the primary production in the euphotic zone were in the range of3-54% (av. 28%).-
dc.titleEstimation of POC Export Fluxes Using 234Th/238U Disequilibria in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica-
dc.titlePreliminary Result-
dc.title.alternative남극 아문젠해에서 234Th/238U 비평형법을 사용한 유광대에서 심층으로의 입자상 유기탄소 침강플럭스 추정-
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationKim, Meesun, et al. 2014. "Estimation of POC Export Fluxes Using 234Th/238U Disequilibria in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica". <em>The Sea</em>, 19: 109-124.-
dc.citation.titleThe Sea-
dc.description.jcrRateJCR 2012:0-
dc.subject.keyword234Th/238U disequilibria-
dc.subject.keywordAmundsen Sea-
dc.subject.keywordexport efficiency-
dc.subject.keywordparticulate organic carbon export flux-
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2014-2016, Physical and Bio-Geochemical Processes in the Amundsen Sea / Lee; Sang H.
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