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2014-2016, Physical and Bio-Geochemical Processes in the Amundsen Sea / Lee; Sang H.

Principal Investigator
Lee; SangHoon
Project Period
The Amundsen Sea is at the center of the world's most rapidly warming area, where many believe the collapse of ice shelves and glaciers is simply a matter of time. The upwelling of warm deep-water into the continental shelf plays a significant role in this regard by melting the base of floating ice shelves, but the overall loss is a combined result of ocean-ice-atmosphere interaction. The objectives of KOPRI's Amundsen project are to assess the rapid changes in the ocean processes caused by the warming effect, by implementing an Earth observation system from space down to the deep sea. During phase one (2010-2016), this project investigated ocean circulation patterns and heat flux to the Antarctic coast, ecosystem structures and diversities, and biogeochemical cycles in the study area. In phase two (2017-2019), the project will focus on the ice shelf melting and retreat, the effect of meltwater discharge to the oceanic physical and chemical processes, and the subsequent changes in the biogeochemical processes and food web structure.

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