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Evidence of minimal carbon sequestration in the productive Amundsen Sea polynya

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Evidence of minimal carbon sequestration in the productive Amundsen Sea polynya
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남극 아문젠 폴리니아의 매우 약한 탄소침강에 대한 증거
Lee, Sang H.
Shin, Hyoung Chul
Yang, Eun Jin
Kim, Tae-Wan
Ha, Ho Kyung
Park, Jisoo
Hyun, Jung-Ho
Kim, Dongseon
Lee, Sang Heon
Hahm, Doshick
Hugh W. Ducklow
Hwang, Jeomshik
Amundsen Sea polynya; carbon sequestration
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Lee, Sang H., et al. 2017. "Evidence of minimal carbon sequestration in the productive Amundsen Sea polynya". GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 44(15): 7892-7899.
The Amundsen Sea polynya (ASP) is reportedly the most productive among the coastal polynyas around Antarctica. However, observational constraints limit our understanding of the biological pump and carbon cycle in the ASP. We measured various carbon-related parameters such as primary production, bacterial production, sinking flux of particulate organic carbon (POC), and accumulation of organic carbon in the sediment as well as hydrographic parameters during field observations and by instrument moorings. Over 95 % of the photosynthetically produced POC was converted to suspended POC and/or dissolved carbon forms in the upper ~400 m layer. We postulate that most of the carbon transported to the water column by the biological pump in the ASP was flushed out of the shelf without being sequestered for long-term storage in sediments. Lack of bottom water formation due to intrusion of Circumpolar Deep Water in the lower layer reduces carbon sequestration efficiency.
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