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Installation of Neutron Monitor at the Jang Bogo Station in Antarctica

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Installation of Neutron Monitor at the Jang Bogo Station in Antarctica
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남극 장보고과학기지에 중성자모니터 설치
Jongil Jung
Jongdae Sohn
Lee, Changsup
Kim, Jeong-Han
Jee, Geonhwa
Roger Pyle
Paul Evenson
Yu Yi
Suyeon Oh
Antarctica; Cosmic Rays; Jang Bogo Station; Neutron Monitor
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Jongil Jung, et al. 2016. "Installation of Neutron Monitor at the Jang Bogo Station in Antarctica". Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences, 33(4): 345-348.
In December 2015, we have installed neutron monitor at the Jang Bogo station in Antarctica. The Jang Bogo station is the second science station which is located at the coast (74° 37.4 ?S, 164° 13.7 ?E) of Terra Nova Bay in Northern Victoria Land of Antarctica. A neutron monitor is an instrument to detect neutrons from secondary cosmic rays collided by the atmosphere. The installation of neutron monitor at Jang Bogo station is a part of transferred mission for neutron monitor at McMurdo station of USA. Among 18 tubes of 18-NM64 neutron monitor, we have completed relocation of 6 tubes and the rest will be transferred in December 2017. Currently, comparison of data from both neutron monitors is under way and there is a good agreement between the data. The neutron monitor at Jang Bogo station will be quite useful to study the space weather when the installation is completed.
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