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Isolation of Antarctic Bacteria with Chitinase, Lipase, or Protease Activity

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Isolation of Antarctic Bacteria with Chitinase, Lipase, or Protease Activity
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남극에서 분리한 유용효소 생산 균주
Sung, Ki Cheol
Lee, Hong Kum
Kim, So yeon
Kim, In Hee
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Park, Kyu Jin
Yim, Joung Han
Antarctic bacteria; Chitinase; Sanguibacter; lipase; protease
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Sung, Ki Cheol, et al. 2004. Isolation of Antarctic Bacteria with Chitinase, Lipase, or Protease Activity. 한국미생물연합회. 한국미생물연합회. 2004.10.21~.
Chitinase-, lipase-, or protease-producing bacteria were isolated from Antarctic region. Soil, sea water, and algal samples were collected around the King Sejong Station in Antarctica (62°S, 58°W). The collected samples were inoculated on Zobel agar plates with colloidal chitin, glyceryl tributylin, and skim milk, respectively. The plates were cultured at 25℃ for 2~3 days, and colonies showing enzyme activity were selected. Total 152 strains were isolated: 20 strains showed lipase activity, 91 strains protease activity and 16 strains chitinase activity. 152. They exhibited enzyme activity at low temperatures (10℃). The bacteria were identified by phylogenetic analysis using 16S rDNA sequences. Most of them belonged to genus Pseudoalteromonas. Among them, a strain AC-11 showing chitinase activity shared a 97% 16S rDNA homology with Sanguibacter keddieii. The genus Sanguibacter is Gram-positive coryneform bacteria that isolated from blood and milk of healthy cows. Three species S. keddieii, S. suarezii, and S. inulinus, have been described. On the other hand, the strain AC-11 was isolated from soil. The difference in habitat and low homology in 16S rDNA sequences suggest that this strain may be a new species of Sanguibacter.
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