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Arctic Bacteria Isolated from Marine Environments

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Arctic Bacteria Isolated from Marine Environments
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북극 해양 세균의 분리
Sung, Ki Cheol
Lee, Hong Kum
Cho, Hyun Hee
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Cho, Kyeung Hee
Arctic bacteria; biofilm; macroalgae; sediment; useful enzyme
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Sung, Ki Cheol, et al. 2004. Arctic Bacteria Isolated from Marine Environments. 한국미생물연합회. 한국미생물연합회. 2004.10.21~.
Various marine bacterial strains were isolated from sediment, macroalgae and biofilm samples around the Korean Arctic Research Station Dasan located at Ny-Alsund, Svalbard, Norway (79°N, 12°E). The collected samples were diluted in distilled seawater, and spread on marine agar plates. They cultured at 10℃, and total 500 bacterial isolates were preserved in glycerol media (15%, v/v) at –
80℃. Phylogenetic analysis of 16S rDNA sequences indicated that the marine bacteria belong to alpha-, beta-, and gamma-Proteobacteria, the CFB group, and High GC Gram-positive bacteria. Among them, eight bacterial isolates from sediment, three isolates from macroalgae, and four isolates from Arctic biofilm were candidates for new species
the closest cultured bacteria with validly published names were Aequorivita antarctica, Colwellia piezophila, Formosa algae, Loktanella vestfoldensis, Marinobacter lipolyticus, Marinosulfonomonas methylotropha, Pibocella ponta, Pseudomonas denitrificans, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Psychromonas antarcticus, Psychroserpens burtonensis, and Roseobacter gallaeciensis. These Arctic bacteria may offer good sources of useful enzymes with activity at low temperature.
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