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Properties of bacteria isolated from young mrine biofilm

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Properties of bacteria isolated from young mrine biofilm
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초기 해양생물막으로부터 분리된 미생물의 특성
Cho, Kyeung Hee
Lee, Hong Kum
Lee, Yoo Kyung
bacterial diversity; biofilm; cell surface; hycrophobicity; quorum sensing
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이순재, et al. 2004. Properties of bacteria isolated from young mrine biofilm. 한국해양환경공학회. 한국해양환경공학회. 2004.11.25~.
C02 measurements were made across the Antarctic Polar Front in the Drake Passage during the 1998-1999 austra1 summer. These ' measurements include the Partial pressure of CÛ
2 (pCÛ
2) , pH (-log [H+]), total cartonate (TCOz), and total alkalinity (TA). Surface salinity, temperature, and pCOz were automatically measured every two-rninutes. Surface pH, TA, and TCÛ
2 were detennined every hour. Surface temperature, salinity, and nutrients showed strong variation across the polar front. SiÛ
2 (70 mM), N03 05 mM), and P04 (2 mM), for example, increased significantly going south traversing the front. The higher values of pCÛ
2 were observed most of the cruise survey lí
nes. Lower values of pCOz were, however, found at the frontal zone only in early December 1998, while atmospheric pCOz showed relatively constant values (ca 360 ppmv). The lower values of pCÛ
2 at the frontal zone and positive correlation between pCOz and nutrients south of the front suggest that the Antarctic Polar Front may be sink for COz during the cruise periods.
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