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Sanguibacter antarcticus, sp. nov., isolated from Antarctic costal sand

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Sanguibacter antarcticus, sp. nov., isolated from Antarctic costal sand
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남극해안모래에서 분리한 Sanguibacter antarcticus, sp. nov.,
Hong, Soon Gyu
Chun, Jongsik
Yim, Joung Han
Lee, Hong Kum
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Antarctic; Sanguibacter; bacteria
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Hong, Soon Gyu, et al. 2007. Sanguibacter antarcticus, sp. nov., isolated from Antarctic costal sand. 한국미생물학회. 한국미생물학회. 2007.01.10~.
A Gram-positive bacterium, the strain KOPRI 21702T, was isolated from sea sand on King George Island, Antarctica. Results of 16S rRNA gene sequence analyses indicated that the strain is closely related to the genus Sanguibacter. The strain KOPRI 21702T showed highest 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity to S. keddieii ATCC 51767 T (97.7%). In the phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA gene sequences, the isolate formed distinct phyletic line in a clade representing the genus Sanguibacter. Cells were motile with peritrichous flagella. It was mesophilic with optimum growth at 23-26
C. The major isoprenoid quinone, predominant cellular fatty acids and DNA G + C content were consistent with placement of the Antarctic isolate in the genus Sanguibacter. The polyphasic data presented in this study indicated that the new isolate should be classified in a novel species in the genus Sanguibacter. The name Sanguibacter antarcticus sp. nov. (type strain KOPRI 21702T = KCTC 13143 T = JCM 14623 = DSM 18966 T) is proposed for the Antarctic isolate.
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