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Causes of climate change for the Mid to Late Cretaceous

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Causes of climate change for the Mid to Late Cretaceous
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백악기 중기에서 후기 동안 기후변화의 원인
Kim, Seong-Joong
Cretaceous; climate; climate change
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Kim, Seong-Joong. 2007. Causes of climate change for the Mid to Late Cretaceous. IGCP Project No. 507. IGCP Project No. 507. 2007.08.20~.
The climate change of the mid to late Cretaceous was examined based on geologic data and model results. The annual mean surface temperature is 6-14C warmer than today and the high latitudes regions are nearly ice free. The combination of the change in geography, the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, and the change in ocean meridional heat transport is primarily responsible for the climate warmth during that period. However, uncertainties still remain. For example, the geological records suggest a ice-free world even at the high latitudes, but this is not supported by the numerical simulation. More proxy evidence for the Cretaceous climate is required, especially at high latitude lands.
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IGCP Project No. 507
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IGCP Project No. 507
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