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Lu-Hf systematics of the ultra-high temperature Napier Complex, East Antarctica

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Lu-Hf systematics of the ultra-high temperature Napier Complex, East Antarctica
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남극 네이피어 복합체의 초고온 변성암의 Lu-Hf 동위원소 연구
N.M. Kelly
S.L. Harley
Choi, Sung Hi
Samuel B. Mukasa
Y. Osanai
A.V. Andronikov
Antarctica; Lu-Hf isotope; Napier Complex; UHT
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N.M. Kelly, et al. 2007. Lu-Hf systematics of the ultra-high temperature Napier Complex, East Antarctica. UC Santa Barbara. UC Santa Barbara. 2007.08.26~.
The Napier Complex comprises some of the oldest rocks on earth (~3.8 billion years old), overprinted by an ultra-high temperature (UHT) metamorphic event near the Archean
Proterozoic boundary. Garnet, orthopyroxene, sapphirine, osumilite, rutile and a whole rock representing a fully equilibrated assemblage from this UHT granulite belt have yielded a Lu
Hf isochron age of 2,403 +/- 43 Ma. Preservation of the UHT mineral assemblage in the rock analyzed suggests rapid cooling with closure likely to have occurred for the Lu-Hf system at post-peak UHT conditions near a temperature of ~800C. Zircon eHf values we have measured “see through” the UHT metamorphism and show that the source materials for the magmas that formed the Napier Complex were extremely depleted (> +5.6 eHf at 3.85 Ga) relative to the chondritic uniform reservoir (CHUR). These results also suggest significant depletion of the early Archean mantle, in agreement with the early differentiation of the earth that the latest core formation models require.
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UC Santa Barbara
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UC Santa Barbara
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