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Holocene climatic record from diatom stable isotopes in Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia

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Holocene climatic record from diatom stable isotopes in Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia
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몽골 홉스골 호수 규조의 안정동위원소 조성을 이용한 홀로세 기후 변화 복원
Lee, Jae Il
Holocene; Hovsgol; Mongolia; diatom; stable isotope
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정대교, et al. 2008. Holocene climatic record from diatom stable isotopes in Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia. 대한지질학회. 대한지질학회. 2008.10.23~.
A 82.5 cm-long gravity core (HS-15) was retrieved from the central part of Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia. The core sediments are mainly composed of structureless or finely laminated diatomaceous clayey ooze. Five AMS radiocarbon ages for organic matter were obtained from the core sediment. The age of the sediments near the surface (3~4 cm in core depth) is estimated to be about 1110 yr BP. Thus the reservoir effect of 734 years can be extrapolated. According age-depth relationship, the sedimentation rate ranges from 8.3 to 15.7 cm/kyr showing the higher rate in the upper part. Oxygen, carbon and nitrogen isotopes of diatoms are also analyzed. The core is divided into two parts with the transitional boundary between the core depth of 16 and 24 cm based on diatom stable isotopes. In the lower part (ca. 1500~6500 cal. yr BP), the δ18O is gradually enriched by ~0.5‰ whereas the δ13C and δ15N are depleted. The higher δ18O data may indicate δ18O enrichment of the lake water and the depletion of δ13C and δ15N should reflect the decrease of diatom productivity resulted from the decrease of nutrients influx. These isotope trends may imply drier climate with lower precipitation/evaporation ratio around this region. In the upper part (ca. 0~1000 cal. yr BP), the δ18O is rapidly depleted by ~1.5‰ whereas the δ15N is enriched. It can imply the abrupt increase in regional precipitation/evaporation ratio and runoff to the lake. As a result, the δ18O of the lake water was depleted and the diatom productivity increased.
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