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Bio-optical characteristics in the vicinity of Svalbard

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Bio-optical characteristics in the vicinity of Svalbard
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스발바드 주면의 광학 특성
Kim, Hyun-cheol
Shin, Hyoung Chul
Park, Byong-Kwon
Kim, Young Nam
Moon, Jung En
Ahn, Yoo Hwan
MODIS; Svalbard; bio-optic
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Kim, Hyun-cheol, et al. 2009. Bio-optical characteristics in the vicinity of Svalbard. NASA. NASA. 2009.05.03~.
Three years of in-situ sampling to get bio-optical characteristics near Svalbard (Kongsfjorden) were performed. Bio-optical characteristics, like spectrums of visible band (400-700nm) for upward and downward radiances, chlorophyll-a, colored dissolved organic matters (CDOM), suspended sediments (SS), and particle absorption etc, are used to develop accuracy of ocean color remote sensing on polar region. Both of in-situ chlorophyll-a and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)/AQUA chlorophyll-a were compared to improve the accuracy of MODIS chlorophyll-a around Svalbard. The relationship between the both showed different two types according in situ chlorophyll-a concentration, like below 1mg m-3 and above 1mg m-3. In case the below 1mg m-3 of in-situ chlorophyll-a, MODIS chlorophyll-a is overestimated than in-site chlorophyll-a. On the other hand, in the above 1mg m-3, MODIS chlorophyll-a is underestimated than the in-situ one. In–
situ water leaving radiance (Lw) around Svalbard was overestimated of 35 % than MODIS Lw. Hence the algorithm of MODIS near Svalbard need to be developed to increase an accuracy of chlorophyll-a concentration. We made new experimental algorithm of chlorophyll-a using last 3 years in-situ measurements data.
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