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Korea Polar BioResources Center
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한국의 극지 생명자원센터
Choe, Cheng-Dae
Lee, Yung Mi
Hong, Soon Gyu
Yim, Joung Han
Lee, Hong Kum
BioResources center; Polar microorganism
Issue Date
Choe, Cheng-Dae, et al. 2010. Korea Polar BioResources Center. IPY, Norway. IPY, Norway. 2010.06.11~.
Biodiversity information and bio-resources collected from polar areas are invaluable resources that were acquired by expensive and time-consuming processes. To make information and bio-resources more useful, it is very important to share them in science community and in public. In order to fulfill the tasks efficiently, database linked to the samples, strains and other materials should be constructed. ‘KOPRI BioDB’ was constructed to make it easy to exchange information with international databases such as SCAR-Marvin and Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The database contains information for the environmental parameters, geographical origin, taxonomy, and physiological characteristics such as optimal media, growth temperature, and production of enzymes. Searching for microbial strains using various keywords such as environmental parameters, geography, taxonomy, and physiology are available. The database will be available in public this year and biological materials as well as biodiversity information will be provided.
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IPY, Norway
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IPY, Norway
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