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Receiver function images of subducted slabs beneath South Korea

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Receiver function images of subducted slabs beneath South Korea
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수신함수를 이용한 섭입판의 이미지 연구
Park, Yongcheol
Yoo, Hyun Jae
Park, Minkyu
Kim, Kwanghee
Body waves; Mantle; Subduction zones
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Park, Yongcheol, et al. 2009. Receiver function images of subducted slabs beneath South Korea. American Geophysical Union. American Geophysical Union. 2009.12.14~.
make receiver function images a grid was set 0.25 degrees between 30.0°N and 41.0°N in latitude and 120°E and 135°E in longitude, and piercing points of individual receiver functions were computed for a 5 km depth interval from 5 km to 800 km in depth. Individual receiver functions were converted to depth and laterally migrated to their conversion point using the iasp91 model with redundant signals stacked to enhance signal. Our P-wave receiver function images show clear P to S conversions on boundaries created by the slabs subducting from the Kurile, Japan, Izu-Bonin, and Mariana arcs, the northern Kurile and Mariana slabs beneath the Korean Peninsula. Depressed 660-km (P660s) conversion phases are observed beneath eastern part of South Korea and the East See between 128°E and 133°E in longitude indicating that the cold slab penetrates the 660-km seismic discontinuity in this region.
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American Geophysical Union
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American Geophysical Union
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