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Generic revision of the Bangiales from Korea

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Generic revision of the Bangiales from Korea
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한국에서 채집한 홍조류 Bangiales의 속 검토
Hwang, Mi Sook
Gong, Yong Geun
Choi, Han-Gu
Ha, Dong Soo
Park, Eunjung
Bangiales; Rhodophyta
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Hwang, Mi Sook, et al. 2011. Generic revision of the Bangiales from Korea. 한국조류학회. 한국조류학회. 2011.12.07~.
Recently, the order Bangiales (Rhodophyta) has been revised by collaborative global analyses. Seven filamentous and eight foliose genera of the Bangiales are recognized, including five newly described and two resurrected genera. On the basis of the revised taxonomic system, we made a generic revision of the Bangiales from Korea by combined analyses of the nuclear SSU rRNA gene and the plastid rbcL gene. The taxa known as Bangia, a filamentous genus, belong to 4 genera that have not been described yet. Out of the taxa known as Porphyra, a foliose genus, only one taxa with single-cell layer belongs to real Porphyra, and the others belong to newly described Pyropia. A taxon with two-cell layer that is an unrecorded or a new species belongs to Wildemania. We expect that more species belonging to other genera of the Bangiales will be found in Korean coast, as real Porphyra and Wildemania as well as Pyropia are found in this region.
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