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Global warming & paleoceanographic changes in the western Arctic Ocean

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Global warming & paleoceanographic changes in the western Arctic Ocean
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지구온난화와 서북극해 고해양환경변화
Ruediger Stein
Nam, Seung-il
A. Mackensen
Jens Matthiessen
Box core sediments; Global warming; Paleoceanography; Proxies; Western Arctic Ocean
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Ruediger Stein, et al. 2010. Global warming & paleoceanographic changes in the western Arctic Ocean. NIPR, Japan. NIPR, Japan. 2010.12.08~.
18 surface sediment cores were collected using the GKG (Giant Box Corer) along two transects from the Canada Basin across the Central Mendeleev Ridge towards the Makarov Basin and the Lomonosov Ridge in the Eurasian Arctic (northern transect along 80°30’N, southern one along 77°30’N) during the ARK23/3 Expedition (2008) with the German icebreaker RV “Polarstern”. Here, we present first results of multi-proxy data (TOC, TN, CaCO3, δ13Corg and δ15Nbulk & org, biogenic Opal, δ18O and δ13C of planktonic foraminifer N. pachyderma sin.) analyzed from the surface sediments. The main objectives of this research were to understand recent environmental changes (such as sea-ice extent and/or melting) related to global warming in the western Arctic Ocean, and to delineate associated paleoceanographic changes during the late Holocene.
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NIPR, Japan
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NIPR, Japan
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