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Soil pH mediates the balance between stochastic and deterministic assembly of bacteria

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Soil pH mediates the balance between stochastic and deterministic assembly of bacteria
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천이 토양에서 박테리아의 확률론적이고 결정론적인 집합의 균형을 중재하는 토양 pH
Binu, M.
Lee, Yoo Kyung
Jonathan Adams
Dong Ke
Kim, Mincheol
James Stegen
bacterial community; meta-analysis; soil pH
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Binu, M., et al. 2018. "Soil pH mediates the balance between stochastic and deterministic assembly of bacteria". ISME JOURNAL, 12(4): 1072-1083.
Little is known about the factors affecting the relative influence of stochastic and deterministic processes that governs the assembly of microbial communities in successional soils. Here, we conducted a meta-analysis of bacterial communities using six different successional soils datasets, scattered across different regions, with different pH conditions in early and late successional soils. We found that extreme acidic or alkaline pH conditions lead to assembly of phylogenetically more clustered bacterial communities through deterministic processes, whereas pH conditions close to neutral lead to phylogenetically less clustered bacterial communities with more stochasticity. We suggest that the influence of pH, rather than successional age, is the main driving force in producing trends in phylogenetic assembly of bacteria, and that pH also influences the relative balance of stochastic and deterministic processes along successional soils. Given that pH had a much stronger association with community assembly than did successional age, we evaluated whether the inferred influence of pH was maintained when studying globally-distributed samples collected without regard for successional age. This dataset confirmed the strong influence of pH, suggesting that the influence of soil pH on community assembly processes occurs globally. Extreme pH conditions likely exert more stringent limits on survival and fitness, imposing strong selective pressures through ecological and evolutionary time. Taken together, these findings suggest that the degree to which stochastic vs. deterministic processes shape soil bacterial community assembly is a consequence of soil pH rather than successional age.
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