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  • 1 Poster Overview of KOPRI's research in Council 권민정; Lee, Bang Yong; Lee, Yoo Kyung; 윤주열; Park, Sangjong; 박근보; Nam, Sungjin; Kim, Mincheol; Jung, Ji Young; Chae, Nam Yi 2017
  • 2 Book Arctic Note Lee, Yoo Kyung; Yoon, Young Jun; Choi, Taejin; Jin, Young Keun; Chung, Ji Woong; Jung, Ji Young; Lee, Won Young; Lee, Khanghyun; Woo, Jusun; Yang, Eun Jin; Seo, Hyunkyo; Seo, Won-Sang; Park, Tae-Yoon S.; Park, Sangjong; Park, Ki-Tae; Nam, Seung-il; Nam, Sungjin; Kim, Ho-Sun; Kim, Hyun-cheol; Kim, Jeong-Han; Kim, Seong-Joong; Kim, Baek-Min; Kim, Kitae; 권민정; Kang, Sung-Ho 2017