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2017-2018, Characterizing mantle domain beneath West Antarctic Rift System and Antarctic mid-ocean ridges (17-18) / Park, Yongcheol

Principal Investigator
Park, Yongcheol
Project Period
In 2017, with the beginning of phase II of the project, we carried out various geophysical studies focusing on the Terror Rift, where tectonic earthquake events are highly active. Employing teleseismic data from Jang Bogo Station, we computed a three-dimensional P-wave seismic velocity model beneath the Terror Rift and Jang Bogo Station and found two low velocity anomalies beneath the Terror Rift and Mt. Melbourne area. As a result, we discovered a low velocity layer to be evident in the lower parts of the Terror Rift and confirmed that the rift activity oriented in the East-West direction was caused by hot mantle material from its buoyancy moving into the cold lithosphere and spreading in the East- West direction, To compute a model with higher resolution and measure tectonic activities at the Terror Rift, 5 ocean bottom seismographs will be deployed during the 2017-18 summer Antarctic field season, and yearround data will be retrieved during the 2018-19 summer Antarctic field season.

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