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2014-2016, Evolution of West Antarctic Rift System (WARS): Study of Tectonic Activities and Volcanism Near The Adare Trough and Antarctic Mid-Ocean Ridges / Hong; Jong Kuk

Principal Investigator
Hong; Jong Kuk
Project Period
This project aims to: 1) Study on the neotectonic activities and volcanism around Balleny islands and Adare Trough; 2)characteristics in Australian-Antarctic Ridges and Pacific-Antarctic Fracture Zone, Antarctica; and 3) Understanding the tectonic evolution of the West Antarctic Rift System (WARS) Located between East and West Antarctica, the West Antarctic Rift System (WARS) is the most noticeable tectonic feature in the Antarctica, and the largest continental rift system in the world. Despite its tectonic importance, studying WARS is difficult due to the overlain thick ice and sea ice. The region around the Balleny Islands and the Adare Trough is considered to be the extension of WARS from the Ross Sea. Therefore, the scientific results in this area can provide implications regarding the tectonic history and mechanics of WARS. The Australian-Antarctic Ridge (AAR) located at the extension of WARS has continued spreading after the cessation of the Adare Trough expansion, and its mantle characteristics are closely correlated to those around the Balleny Islands and the Adare Trough.

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