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Accelerated redox reaction between chromate and phenolic pollutants during freezing

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Accelerated redox reaction between chromate and phenolic pollutants during freezing
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동결에 의한 중금속과 유기오염물질의 동시제거 메카니즘 규명
Kim, Kitae
Kim, Jaesung
Lee, Changha
Seo, Jiwon
Dominik Heger
Lubica Vetrakova
Kim, Jungwon
Ju, Jinjung
Yoon, Ho Il
Engineering; Environmental Sciences & Ecology
Chromate; Freeze concentration effect; Phenolic pollutants; Redox reaction
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Kim, Kitae, et al. 2017. "Accelerated redox reaction between chromate and phenolic pollutants during freezing". JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 329(1): 330-338.
The redox reaction between 4-chlorophenol (4-CP) and chromate (Cr(VI)) (i.e., the simultaneous oxidation of 4-CP by Cr(VI) and reduction of Cr(VI) by 4-CP) in ice (i.e., at ?20 °C) was compared with the corresponding reaction in water (i.e., at 25 °C). The redox conversion of 4-CP/Cr(VI), which was negligible in water, was significantly accelerated in ice. This accelerated redox conversion of 4-CP/Cr(VI) in ice is ascribed to the freeze concentration effect occurring during freezing, which excludes solutes (i.e., 4-CP and Cr(VI)) and protons from the ice crystals and subsequently concentrates them in the liquid brine. The concentrations of Cr(VI) and protons in the liquid brine were confirmed by measuring the optical image and the UV-visible absorption spectra of cresol red (CR) as a pH indicator of frozen solution. The redox conversion of 4-CP/Cr(VI) was observed in water when the concentrations of 4-CP/protons or Cr(VI)/protons increased by 100/1000-fold. These results corroborate the freeze concentration effect as the reason for the accelerated redox conversion of 4-CP/Cr(VI) in ice. The redox conversion of various phenolic pollutants/Cr(VI) and 4-CP/Cr(VI) in real wastewater was successfully achieved in ice, which verifies the environmental relevance and importance of freezing-accelerated redox conversion of phenolic pollutants/Cr(VI) in cold regions.
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