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바지락 MT 단백질의 Cd 노출에 대한 지표 활용성

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바지락 MT 단백질의 Cd 노출에 대한 지표 활용성
Ahn, In-Young
Ji, Jungyoun
Choi, Heeseon J.
Ruditapes philippinarum; biomarker; cadmium; metal-binding proteins; metallothioneins
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Ahn, In-Young, Ji, Jungyoun, Choi, Heeseon J.. 2004. 바지락 MT 단백질의 Cd 노출에 대한 지표 활용성. 한국과학재단(KOSEF) & 미국과학재단(NSF). 한국과학재단(KOSEF) & 미국과학재단(NSF). 2004.10.03~.
A low-molecular weight (ca 12kD) MT-like protein (MTLP) was experimentally induced in the cytosol of R. philippinarum. Elution profiles of gel filtration chromatography showed that most of the Cd accumulated was bound to the MTLP. Immuno-histochemical analysis showed distinct antibody reactions in the epithelial cells of diverticula and of gill lamellae, which confirmed the presence of MT. The amount of Cd bound to MTLP was shown to increase with the increase of exposure time, indicating a potential utility of the MTLP as a biomarker to Cd exposure.
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한국과학재단(KOSEF) & 미국과학재단(NSF)
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한국과학재단(KOSEF) & 미국과학재단(NSF)
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