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2014-2016, Monitoring of Abrupt Environmental Change in The Ice Shelf System and Reconstruction of Quaternary Deglaciation History in West Antarctica (14-16) / Yoon; Ho Il

Principal Investigator
Yoon; Ho Il
Project Period
The rapid collapse of ice shelf in West Antarctica due to recent global warming is contributing to the global sea-level rise. This project's objectives are to establish a monitoring system for ice shelf movements and to reconstruct past environmental changes in response to climate changes in ice shelf areas. The main research contents of this project are: 1) establishment of a long-term monitoring system (AMIGOS, GPS, sediment trap, etc.) for abrupt environmental changes of the ice shelf system in the Antarctic Peninsula; 2) reconstruction of late Quaternary ice shelf development using marine sediment and terrestrial samples and its relation to paleoclimatic changes; 3) reconstruction of paleoclimatic changes using paleoclimatic proxies of marine sediment in the ice shelf region and studies on glacier movements and paleo-bottomcurrent direction and intensity changes; and 4) marine biological/geochemical/photochemical examination of the role of meltwater or oceanic processes that influence ice shelf stability. This principal investigator is changed to Lee, Jae Il in 2016.

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