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2011-2016, Exploration of Future Resources in The Polar Oceans and Study on Their Utilization (K-POD) (11-16) / Yim; Joung Han

Principal Investigator
Yim; Joung Han
Project Period
The Antarctic and Arctic, located in opposite poles, are the coldest oceans of the earth as they are covered with iceberg all-year round. Geographically, the Arctic is surrounded by continents, whereas the Antarctic is connected to grand oceans. As such, unique but isolated marine ecosystems have evolved for more than 20 million years mainly due to the loop-like ocean current covering the gigantic Antarctic Continent. Thus, various species now inhabit the Antarctic. It is considered that the genetic engineering industry will be the dominant field in the 21st century. With the development of the materials industry, the K-POD business is expected to provide new in-demand materials for national genetic engineering projects. Particularly in-demand is metabolome, which displays a unique bio-function acquired through the survival of organisms under extreme environments such as the polar oceans.
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